The first time I saw these cards, I was drawn in by the beautiful colors in the artwork. Then the eyes of the women in the pictures locked into my soul. Once I read the powerful words these women spoke to me, I knew that not only was their pain real, but it was also mine and I knew I was not alone.
— Michelle B., Connecticut
I have been buying Erica’s art for the last few years. Something about this woman’s message and how vibrantly she is able to express emotion on the canvas has always stirred my soul’s vibration. Last weekend, I saw a beautiful, petite lady unloading the pieces I have come to know and love. Surely this couldn’t be her, I thought. (I really don’t know what I imagined her to look like. Maybe exactly like me? Since clearly she knew my heart so well and showed it in her art.) “Are you the artist?”, I asked. “I am.”, she replied. I instantly felt the connection between our hearts and the love flow between us. Two strangers, never before meeting in the same physical space, yet lifetimes of connection. Erica has a magnificent gift she shares with the world. She embraces her pain and her pleasure and expresses it in a manner that speaks to the warrior in all women’s hearts. Thank you, Erica Kathleen, for your brilliant inspiration.
— Heidi F., Utah

"Erica, the moment I saw that amazing painting in your hand, I melted. What we have been developing for the Wild Women event was all about the multi-faceted components of the feminine; and there it was all captured in your beautiful painting. Where did you come from!? What was this amazing gift the Universe sent to us? I didn't know and I didn't care. All I knew was that you were aligned and sent to bless the lives of all those that were at our event. Your countenance, your energy, your overall being created a beautiful buzz. You my dear are not only a magnificent speaker, artist, and teacher.....but you are a healer. While we all get to discover our vehicle to help others on their path of healing-- it is clear you have discovered yours. It's your journey, experiences, and expression through your words, art, and beauty that you get to touch others and help unfold them to see that they are more than what they know today. Thank you for sharing your gifts and experiences with us! Love love love you!"

-Jackie B., Lindon, Utah


 "When I opened the beautifully wrapped package from Erica Kathleen, I cried. The kind of tears, where they're just a river down your cheeks. In looking at my beautifully crafted portrait . . I healed something broken. Correction: Erica and I healed something, emphasis on the Erica part. If you have the opportunity to work with this intuitive and open-hearted painter, I would urge you - really, REALLY URGE you, to do so. I want this magical moment of unveiling for every woman who seeks it. Erica's art is a light in the darkness, guiding and beckoning you toward expansion and greater strength. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox - E, there are really no words appropriate to describe the level of vitality in your painting. I just adore your every cell. xoxoxox"

-Alllison S., San Jose, CA


"On the surface there is no love in pain, but pain likes to hide feelings from itself. What helps is when someone that has worked and is working through the pain, and has found the love, and is willing to share the journey. Thank you Erica for truly showing that pain is beauty! Xoxo"

-Brittney L., Salt Lake City, Ut


"If you painted pictures that were pretty and ordinary, they wouldn't speak to me personally. I've seen pictures that are okay to look at, but have no soul. You are on my list for 2014 to paint me, and I am adamant it is going to happen. I don't want a portrait of my face to hang in my house and display proudly. I want the colours of my soul to be captured so vividly I cannot display it anywhere but my bedroom as a reminder of all I am, when I wake up every day. The pieces I ordered from you are meant for my bedroom and my living room.  Two of them felt very personal, and I need them just for me. Two of them have a message that I need to share with others. I want my daughters to experience this first hand and take something from it. I want them to realize that beauty is not black and white and plastic, but is flowing and real and raw. You create that. Every. Fucking. Time." 

-Sheila H., Ontario, Canada


"I  keep looking at this painting... at myself, my eyes, this message that you chose so perfectly. This is some of the most powerful medicine I've ever had. My soul stirs every time I watch your photos appear as you work through a new painting... in awe of your talent, gentleness, thoughtfulness, how you capture the truest beauty of each person. I comment on your work and the words just never feel adequate for how incredible you are! When I saw my eyes appear beneath your pencil I felt a flood of emotions. The past 24 hours have felt like the ultimate birthday... gift after gift being received with each of your posts. As I watched myself come to life I felt like I was being honored and cherished, seen and loved; and as strange as this might sound, I felt your energy with me, reassuring, nourishing, healing. I will treasure this experience and your painting forever! Thank you SO very much!!!"

-Jenny D., 



"Erica and her art are both so beautiful and real! It was a pleasure to meet her and get a feeling for the wholehearted woman behind the brilliant colors & passionate images!"

-Martha H., Highland, UT


"There is connection and fearlessness in your work. You speak and see the deepest feelings and then, when you paint, the honesty is raw and not glossed over. To me that is what draws me in." 

-Lynnette H., Colorado


"What I love about your art - beyond the visual appeal of your pieces based on strong color choices, distinct style, confident lines, etc. - is the essence you infuse your creations with. Their power is palpable. Your women are warriors. One knows you've walked the walk yourself by the way you capture emotion and depth in your paintings. I don't need to know the 'real' story behind each creation (though of course I love knowing it) because I can look at what you've made and sense strength and that these women have moved through something big. You not only paint the exterior of a beautiful woman, you paint her inside beauty, too."  

-Allison T., NYC


"Erica, I just wanted to send you a personal THANK YOU! You have no idea the deep changes and challenges you are helping me face. I am so blessed by the impact you have made on my life. You are one of a kind! I am thankful the powers of the light brought you into my life. I love your mic time. Your art touches the deepest part of me. You are real and grace. I sincerely cannot wait to start the journey of your art class, maybe this is what I need to find a way to hold on to a future and let go of the past. All my gratitude for YOU!  As I can I am going to purchase all your new art from the wild woman tribe. I can see each and everyone woman in the flow and beauty of the feathers and the words. Thank you for breathing life into an old bird that needs to soar again. Your love letter is just what I needed. You are a blessing I am treasuring, and I can't wait for you to take to me to my darkest places and help me get it all out with love, beauty and meaning. Sincerely, Leeza"

-Leeza R., Provo, UT