you. / by Erica Kathleen

If you're like me . . . and I'm gonna guess that you are ;) You most likely have a list, or several, scattered throughout your home, maybe as a note on your phone . . . or maybe you text yourself? I do.

Lists. Things I "NEED TO DO". So daunting. So overwhelming. So joy-sucking. So grown-up. So much vomit. I know, I know. We need to be adults. I know, life isn't all about having fun. 

Buuuuutttt, my friends, life is NOT all about the shit on these lists.

It feels like, when we have all this serious, grown up, adult shit that needs to get done, we, consciously or unconsciously, put ourselves LAST on that big shit list.

And let's be honest. That list is never going to be done. It's never going to go away. As soon as we cross something off, there's 3 more to add . . . you feelin' me? 

Soooo . . . if the list never ends . . . and WE are on the bottom of said list . . . when WILL there be time for us? For the hot bath? the weekend away? that dinner date we keep putting off? reading that book? getting that massage?  . . . . . you follow?

Here's a real quick trick, for getting your priorities straight.

Remember when you were little. when you were full of light & hope & possibilities & you had big beautiful dreams & so much your HEART wanted to do . . .

Imagine that YOU, standing in front of this you, crying. heartbroken. crushed.

ask her what's wrong.

Looking up at you, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she pulls out your list, from behind her back & hands it to you.

My friend, that Little YOU, still lives inside of Big YOU.

She still has that light & hope & all those beautiful dreams. But how could she POSSIBLY ever get to them with all the shit on your grown up list? 


and as much as I'd like to tell you to burn the list, alas, we do still need to be adults. sometimes.

I'm not asking you to burn the list. I AM asking you, begging you, please, please, please, MOVE YOURSELF from the bottom, to the top.

You would do it for that little girl. You would help her find the time. You would tell her that she's important & that her dreams matter. 

Do it now.

Do it for Her.

Do it for YOU.







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