do it

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do it.jpg

do it


read my why for creating this piece HERE.

"Find what makes you happy, what makes you come alive.

Once you find it,

do whatever it takes,

to make it happen,

on the regular.

whatever it fucking takes.

do it.

quit with the excuses and fucking do it.

Sell your house.

Get a divorce.

Move across the country.

Quit your job.

Whatever is keeping you from it . . .  

squash it.

Like a nasty, poisonous black bug.


to the fucking ground.

This is your shot.

This is YOUR life.

There are no do overs and no second chances.




please, do it."

-PLEASE NOTE: if buying for yourself & you don't need an envelope, please choose "WITHOUT envelope" (it will still come in a protective cello sleeve)

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