Moving Forward

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moving forward placeit.png

Moving Forward

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"Your future starts right now. Pack light. Leave everything unnecessary behind. You do not need anything else to move forward. You have everything you need, right inside of you."

This is a gentle reminder for you, who may be leaving an old life that you've decided, no longer serves you, for whatever reason. It's tempting to pack up the old shit, the old stories, the old beliefs . . . maybe you think they can help to protect you from being hurt again. Maybe you wanna use them to build up some walls. Cuz we all know, if you've got walls, nobody can get in, and that means, they can't hurt you, right? Well, sweet thing, walls also keep love out.

Let this print remind you, that you are LEAVING the old shit behind. Start fresh. Let this be new. If you leave the past behind you, you've got nothing but possibility ahead.

Safe & glorious travels to you, brave one. XO. Erica

-PLEASE NOTE: if buying for yourself & you don't need an envelope, please choose "WITHOUT envelope" (it will still come in a protective cello sleeve)

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