celebrate the shit

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celebrate the shit

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in the middle of the night, as I laid on the cool grass, looking up at the giganticness of the night sky, I asked, "What's this all about? this life? does it mean anything? does any of this even matter?" . . . We both looked up at the moon, took a deep breath, then back at each other . . . she looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Oh", she said, heartbroken, "you've forgotten."

"You're making this all so much harder than it has to be, love."

She could see that I didn't understand, so she continued.

"Find the exquisite, mouth-watering beauty in your everyday moments" . . .

"Yes?", I said, and she squeezed my hand as I began to remember . . .

"and celebrate the SHIT out of them!"

Then she smiled her crooked smile, gave me a wink as she let out a big belly laugh . . . and then she was gone.

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