Erica, as a woman and through her art, is empowering and fights like hell for freedom and peace. She paints from her soul, unapologetically and beautifully. She is inspiring, daring, loving, vulnerable with a dash of wackiness and ethereal sparkle. Her heart is the canvas, and you can feel ALL of it right along with her as if her experiences and emotions were your own.
— Brittany W., Phoenix, AZ.

I paint because I NEED to paint. I paint to express emotions. I paint to let things out of me, that if I didn't paint, might never find there way out. I paint for my freedom. I paint for my sanity.

I paint my life. I paint my heart. I paint my hurts, my joys & my lessons.

My art is kind of like journal entries made along my life's crazy journey.

I believe there is a magical healing power in painting from an open heart.

I SHARE my paintings, because we aren't so different you & I.

Our struggles are similar. Our joys are similar. Our pains. Our sadness. Our reaching for hope, and our need to occasionally let go & say "fuck it."

I hope that in sharing my work, I can crack your heart open a little wider, help you find strength you didn't know you had, let you know that you're not alone, & remind you, that no matter what anyone has told you (including yourself), you ARE good enough.

I hope my art can bring you hope, give your emotions a nudge, or a swift kick in the ass, (depending on which you need).

Go ahead, open up. Let some love in.

Big Loves,

Xo, Erica

The first time I saw these cards, I was drawn in by the beautiful colors in the artwork. Then the eyes of the women in the pictures locked into my soul. Once I read the powerful words these women spoke to me, I knew that not only was their pain real, but it was also mine and I knew I was not alone.
— Michelle B., Connecticut


"I  keep looking at this painting... at myself, my eyes, this message that you chose so perfectly. This is some of the most powerful medicine I've ever had. My soul stirs every time I watch your photos appear as you work through a new painting... in awe of your talent, gentleness, thoughtfulness, how you capture the truest beauty of each person. I comment on your work and the words just never feel adequate for how incredible you are! When I saw my eyes appear beneath your pencil I felt a flood of emotions. The past 24 hours have felt like the ultimate birthday... gift after gift being received with each of your posts. As I watched myself come to life I felt like I was being honored and cherished, seen and loved; and as strange as this might sound, I felt your energy with me, reassuring, nourishing, healing. I will treasure this experience and your painting forever! Thank you SO very much!!!"

-Jenny D., 


"What I love about your art - beyond the visual appeal of your pieces based on strong color choices, distinct style, confident lines, etc. - is the essence you infuse your creations with. Their power is palpable. Your women are warriors. One knows you've walked the walk yourself by the way you capture emotion and depth in your paintings. I don't need to know the 'real' story behind each creation (though of course I love knowing it) because I can look at what you've made and sense strength and that these women have moved through something big. You not only paint the exterior of a beautiful woman, you paint her inside beauty, too."  

-Allison T., NYC


"There is connection and fearlessness in your work. You speak and see the deepest feelings and then, when you paint, the honesty is raw and not glossed over. To me that is what draws me in." 

-Lynnette H., Colorado


"When I opened the beautifully wrapped package from Erica Kathleen, I cried. The kind of tears where they're just a river down your cheeks. In looking at my beautifully crafted portrait, I healed something broken. Correction: Erica and I healed something, emphasis on the Erica part. If you have the opportunity to work with this intuitive and open-hearted painter, I would urge you - really really urge you to do so. I want this magical moment of unveiling for every woman who seeks it. Erica's art is a light in the darkness guiding and beckoning you toward expansion and greater strength. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox - E, There are really no words appropriate to describe the level of vitality in your painting. I just adore your every cell. xoxoxox"

-Allison S., California


"If you painted pictures that were pretty and ordinary, they wouldn't speak to me personally. I've seen pictures that are okay to look at, but have no soul. You are on my list for 2014 to paint me, and I am adamant it is going to happen. I don't want a portrait of my face to hang in my house and display proudly. I want the colours of my soul to be captured so vividly I cannot display it anywhere but my bedroom as a reminder of all I am, when I wake up every day. The pieces I ordered from you are meant for my bedroom and my living room.  Two of them felt very personal, and I need them just for me. Two of them have a message that I need to share with others. I want my daughters to experience this first hand and take something from it. I want them to realize that beauty is not black and white and plastic, but is flowing and real and raw. You create that. Every. Fucking. Time." 

-Sheila H., Ontario, Canada